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Top Ten Gaming Monitors Under $500 2021.

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Top Ten Gaming Monitors under $500 with buying guide

There is no need to spend many bucks on a quality product. In contrast, you can get that product under a tight budget. In this article, we are going to introduce the best deal about gaming Monitors you have ever come across. We have testified and reviewed a few finest market products for your consideration. These best gaming Monitors under 500$ will provide you the best visuals and a great gaming experience.

We smartly eliminate the hassle for you, so stop scrolling the internet and determines the suitable gaming monitor for you from our list.

  1. BenQ ZOWIE 27-inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor Check Price

  2. Samsung C27HG70 Curved gaming monitor Check Price

  3. Acer Predator XB241H best Gaming Monitor Under 500 Dollars Check Price

  4. Samsung U28H750 gaming Monitor Check Price

  5. HP Oman 25, high-end Gaming Monitor Check Price.

  6. ViewSonic XG270 Gaming Monitor Check Price.

  7. LG 27GL850 Gaming Monitor under 500$ Check Price.

  8. AOC CU34G2X best budget gaming monitor. Check Price.

  9. ASUS MG278Q Gaming Monitor Check Price.

  10. VIOTEK GN32Q gaming monitor having curved screen Check Price.

1.BenQ ZOWIE 27-inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor Check Price

The reason behind placing BenQ ZOWIE on the top of our list is It's all trademarks fulfilling, all of the right notes for everyone having gaming as their priority. ZOWIE By BenQ is not a 1080p gaming monitor, but it’s not 4k either.

With this monitor setting in between the middle of the two resolutions, a comfortable 1440p will get noticeably higher resolution than just 1080p. Then come to its 27 inches size, we have found an excellent pair for 1440p. Yes, it looks incredibly crisp, even it saves to relatively sitting very close to the monitor. Dynamic contrast ratio 12000000:1 and static contrast ratio 1000:1, respectively.

Besides, the screen is bigger enough to sit a bit further back if you’ve got a couch nearby. We are excited to review BenQ by ZOWIE as this is an excellent balance of high-end features with incredible graphics.

Then come to its extra features, including low blue light,1ms response, and 144Hz refresh rate with flicker-free to prevent eye strains during prolonged gaming sessions. Similarly-switching quickly toggles between various settings with plenty of inputs like 2X HDMI, D-sub, Display port 1.2, and DVI-DL.

Furthermore, its jacks for headphones and mic complete all of the premium features under 500$. It would help if you bought something as it's a good fit for your need, the most suitable choice, and highly recommended by us.

If you want 4k resolution with a curved screen, keep reading this article, we will suggest another gaming monitor under this budget.


  • Completely ergonomic design.

  • Vibrant and vivid colors with crisp details.

  • High contrast ratio,1000:1 with rich connectivity option.


  • Designs lack some swivel options.

  • Not contain an adjustable height icon.

Buying guide:

You can buy BenQ ZOWIE 27-inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor from Amazon.

2.Samsung C27HG70 Curved gaming monitor Check Price

C27HG70 Samsung product is suitable for those consoles demanding curved display. Its 27-inch VA Quantum Dot panel with color fidelity in WQHD 2560x1440 and a very high frequency of 144Hz controlled by Free sync.

Although we can say that it's the best match for your PC video games, it's comprehensive and offers an amplitude of 178 degrees horizontally and vertically.

Furthermore, the adjustable ergonomic stand helps adjust the height and can be rotated, titles, and pivot according to your desired position. The radius of curvature of 1800R is desired to meet your everyday gaming needs.

All of its extraordinary features will provide you the impression of being stuck inside the gaming world, just like the way IMAX Screen immerse the audience in the films. Also, with a fast response rate of 1ms, WQHD resolution is 2560x1440 pixels. Blue light is integrated onto the screen to avoid eye strain for battling for an extended period.

The pixel density of almost 1.7 times providing HD display game scenes with striking detail provides a panoramic view of the battlefield. Enabling you to spot enemies who are trying to surprise easily. This is the best under budget monitor with extremely fluid images without tearing or stuttering effects. This brand will bring you success on the silver platter.


  • Gaming optimizes the Samsung OSD dashboard.

  • Curved screen with 1.07 billion colors.

  • Compatibility of Free Sync 2 and G-Sync.


  • No USB port is available.

Buying Guide:

You Can buy a Samsung C27HG70 Curved gaming monitor from Amazon.

3.Acer Predator XB241H best Gaming Monitor Under 500 Dollars Check Price

It’s not wrong to say the most popular gaming monitor quick refresh rates with IPS technology. Moreover, its 16Hz refresh rate, overclocking with bright colors enhances the gaming powers. Then come to its design, its black frame with minimal bezel seems elegant with a matte finish.

Acer full screen allows 30 ° up to 90 °all of functional and power buttons located on the bottom of the frame.

Then come to its features, we have noticed many premium features in this under the budget monitor, such as 24 inches screen with 16:9 as aspect ratio and viewing angles are 170 ° / 160 °.

G-Sync function aid in obtaining excellent performance both during the game and everyday activities.

NVIDIA G-Sync with GPU enables you to reduce hassles, input lag, or interruptions, which allows you to enjoy the high game performance. This device is equipped with a TN panel that won't disappoint customers' expectations by providing better color quality and maintaining a response timeof 1ms.

Furthermore, the screen has a low consumption of LED, almost 28 watts, suitable for your electricity bills. Then come to the connectivity options. This device has two wide ports, an HDMI port, and a DisplayPort port. Similarly, consist of jacks for headphones and speaker attachments.

Acer Xb241H is equipped with a TN panel that has not disappointed the expectations of those who have chosen this monitor to benefit from a better color quality, maintaining a response timeof 1ms.

The screen has low-consumption LED lighting, about 28 watts, making the monitor even more interesting because it allows you to enjoy good savings on your bill.


  • Excellent image quality by default.

  • The height-adjustable foot is present.


  • Limited connectivity with reduced viewing angles.

Buying guide:

You can buy Acer Predator XB241H's best Gaming Monitor from Amazon.

4.Samsung U28H750 gaming Monitor Check Price

This gaming monitor provides vibrant visual clarity by adding a sense of realism to your gaming world. Samsung U28H750 is a nicely designed 4k monitor with a TN panel for a smoother gaming display. Its screen size is 28 inches with a 1ms response rate.

We have tested the U28H750 monitor hanged or not by playing various games at high frames. Although we noticed zero lag while playing games and enjoyed matches due to pleasing graphic visuals. If you are tired of funky blurring effects in your games by your old monitors, try this one; you will get the best experience at all.

Unlike their IPS brethren, colors aren't usually accurate. As is common among the latter, you have to sacrifice graphical precision for performance. Then comes to the connectivity option; headphone jacks are available. But you can't see images clearly through the sides of the monitor. In short, it's a suitable one for a single player but if you want to play with your friend, find something else from our list.


  • Elegant design with adjustable stands.

  • Cleared graphics.


  • TN panel limits viewing angles.

  • Suitable for playing alone.

Buying guide:

You can buy the Samsung U28H750 gaming Monitor from Amazon.

5.HP Oman 25 high-end Gaming Monitor Check Price.

Hp Oman has 75 Hz refresh time which means, you have to face screen tearing or visual stutters while playing games. But this monitor implements Free Sync for those players having GPU, as AMD Graphics processing units lock the monitors refresh rates to the rate frame per second.

This will eliminate the issues regarding response rates. This gaming monitor possesses a fast response rate of 2 milliseconds, and you won't face any delay while using it; free of lagging, everything displays appropriately without any delay.

Then come to the size of the screen is 24 inches with USB and HDMI ports. If you have a tight budget, then we recommend Oman 25 that worthful to buy under 500$. If you don't mind a black slab, it's not an issue if your room's lighting is right. Elegantly designed with an anti-glare panel that overcomes the black screen issue.


  • Quick response rate, speedy

  • Stylish design with an anti-glare panel


  • Blacks create an issue for some users.

Buying Guide:

You can buy HP Oman 25 high-end Gaming Monitor from Amazon.

6. ViewSonic XG270 Gaming Monitor Check Price.

This 27-inch gaming device is based on Panel Type IPS-Type LCD, providing Resolution 1920 x 1080 with an aspect ratio of 16:9. ViewSonic is ideal for those players demanding a fast, fluid, and optimized screen for competitions.

Furthermore, offers advanced technical characters such as 240 Hz refresh rate, 1920 x 1080 pixels high resolution-sync combability with 1ms response rate. This monitor is designed borderless to eliminate distraction.

Its IPS panels offer good graphics, quality images with detailed contrast. This monitor screen supports HDR 10 with a 99% SRVB color palette; all of these features will lead you towards victory.

Furthermore, its average brightness range is 277 Nits, and the screen consists of an integrated RGB system. The design is impressive consists of back LED lights, which help in creating your gaming zone.

ViewSonic consists of some speakers, almost 30 W that is enough for a small conference, but the sound quality is not good. This gaming monitor has two ports for USB with headphone jackets all of his feature fulfills your gaming desired then don’t delay and click on the buy button confidently to purchase this under the budget device.


  • RGB elite backlight

  • Speedy response and refresh rate

  • Based on anti-blue light technology


  • Sound quality is not excellent for the conference.

Buying Guide:

You can buy ViewSonic XG270 Gaming Monitor from Amazon.

7. LG 27GL850 Gaming Monitor under 500$ Check Price.

LG 27GL850 is a good monitor if 4k resolution is your concern with tight budget. The 27 inches screen with an IPS panel provides an excellent aesthetic look, and we conclude that it's the best-designed monitor for under 500$. But unfortunately, this monitor has a 5ms response and 60Hz refresh rates.

LG 27GL850 users cannot enjoy 1ms and 144Hz response and refresh rates, respectively. But it still works for gaming if a 4K resolution is essential for you. Furthermore, keep in mind, a very high-end graphics card is required for getting 4k graphics in games. If you planing to gaming in 4K, this is the best option, especially for under $500.


  • Excellent contact ration of 3000:1

  • VA anti-glare panel with a blue light filter

  • 4k resolution under 500$


  • 2ms response rate

  • 144Hz refresh rate

Buying guide:

You can buy LG 27GL850 Gaming Monitor from Amazon.

8.AOC CU34G2X Best Budget Gaming Monitor Check Price.

AOC CU34G2X 34" Curved Frameless Immersive Gaming Monitor, UltraWide QHD 3440x1440, VA Panel, 1ms 144Hz Freesync, Height Adjustable, 3-Yr Zero Dead Pixels
AOC CU34G2X 34" Curved Frameless

Due to its 34 inches screen, AOC CU34G2X is our top recommendation. All of its technical characteristics provide an excellent gaming experience specially designed on 34 inches VA technology.

Its Ultra-Wide Quad High Definition with 14Hz refresh rate and 1ms response rate making its customers first choice. Furthermore, its widescreen offers many possibilities, such as rotation and elevation, according to your need.

This gaming divide offers an excellent contrast ratio of 3000:1 and wide viewing angles. AOC comes with USB ports and jack audio ports. All of its features, rapid responsiveness suits many serious gamers by making their experience adorable. We must recommend this as you get a widescreen with the fastest response rate at a low price.


  • 21:9 aspect ratio with VIA anti-glare panel.

  • Ultrawide QHD resolution of 3440 x 1440.


  • Free Sync is only compatible with AMD graphics cards.

Buying guide:

You can buy AOC CU34G2X best budget gaming monitor from Amazon.

9.ASUS MG278Q gaming Monitor Check Price.

As we discussed the 4k gaming monitor, we will review the 2k ASUS monitor for better resolutions with smooth and subtle details.

Asus MG278Q is the best alternative to AOC CU34G2X, and it has a Curved screen. Aside from the outstandingly high-resolution, ASUS has much more to offer.

This monitor boasts of 2560x1440, a 2k monitor, an excellent deal for under 500 dollars. With the fastest 1ms response time and a high 144Hz refresh rate, you have an excellent arsenal for gaming competitions.

Furthermore, the fast response rate promises HD visuals without irritating effects such as blurring, smearing, or ghosting. The quick 144HZ refresh rate enables you to engage in fast gaming actions without screen tearing.

This monitor, equipped with AMD Free-Sync Technology, provides better graphics while playing. ASUS exclusive eye care technology aid in prolonging battling, reducing blue lights with Flicker-Free backlighting, and eliminating eye strain.

Then come to the connectivity options HDMI, DisplayPort and USB 3.0, and several other ports for connectivity. We can say, due to all of the ASUS premium features, it's the best choice for under 500$.


  • ergonomically designed stand.

  • The screen can be rotating, titled, and bend.

  • Wide connectivity options.


  • Low pixel density.

  • Limited contrast ratio.

Buying guide:

You can buy an ASUS MG278Q Gaming Monitor from Amazon.

10. VIOTEK GN32Q gaming monitor having curved screen Check Price.

VIOTEK GN32Q – 32 Inch WQHD 144 Hz Curved Computer Monitor – 2560x1440p, FPS/RTS Optimized w/Crosshairs Functionality (Renewed)
VIOTEK GN32Q – 32 Inch WQHD 144 Hz

Screen size matters a lot while gaming; VIOTEK GN32Q has a massive 32 inches screen with curved edges. In short, this monitor is packed with all of the premium features that pro gamers like you need for under 500$. Furthermore, its FPS gaming mode and eye protection panel will help your viewing experience.

The 144 Hz refresh rate Overdrive Acceleration and AMD Free Sync technology provide clear vision without blur or screen tearing effects. Its features includes, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort ports that allow you to hook to other multimedia devices. This is an ideal monitor for games due to the Mega contrast ratio, a massive screen with high resolution.


  • High contrast ratio

  • HD display with a curved screen


  • Limited viewing angles

Buying guide:

You can buy a VIOTEK GN32Q gaming monitor from Amazon.

Buying guide to choosing the best gaming monitor under 500$ in 2020

Choosing a gaming monitor from the flood of market products is difficult in 2020. Then consider these things while buying your desired product.

  • Resolution:

The more the pixel, the more you will get a clear, vivid, and sharper image. Moreover, on the bigger screen, a higher resolution is demanded to get the best graphics during games. Nevertheless, gamers need a 1080p HD resolution to get an excellent experience. But at a 4k monitor, your graphic card must be of higher quality to enjoy extra pixels.

  • Connectivity:

A gaming monitor should equip with a variety of connectivity ports such as USB, HDMI ports, etc. They will able to connect with multiple game consoles.

  • Response and refresh rate:

Both are vital specs to consider while buying a gaming monitor. A response rate less the 6ms is better, but 2ms or 1ms is ideal for gaming. same with refresh rate, time per second which a display updates image. 60Hz is okay under 500 $.

  • G-syn and Free sync

Both are almost the same technologies making the gameplay more fluid. The main objective is eliminating screen tearing. Although These technologies also reduce input lags. G-syn works slightly better, but free sync is cheaper and readily available in every under-budget gaming monitor. Although you have an Nvidia video card, go for G-sync, while you have AMD for Free Sync.


Well, hope the above discussion eliminate your all queries regarding Top gaming monitors under 500$. The monitors we have listed above are perfectly capable of providing you excellent gaming experience.

Hence, you must have a system capable of processing enough frames on these monitors. Otherwise, it does not suit and making any sense to buy a high-end monitor, but your system can run 20 frames per second in your favorite game.

However, always select the balance version to prevent the poor performance of your system. Choose a suitable one, click on the buy button, and enjoy your gaming zone.

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