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Top 10 Gaming Keyboard Under 50$

Only a seasonal gamer understands the importance of a suitable keyboard, especially for competitive gaming. The keyboard is the correct tool to take down enemies during battling efficiently. That's why being a gamer; the right keyboard is your biggest concern. Most people demand that the keyboard be affordable with extra features. Are you struggling to get the best gaming keyboard for under 50 dollars? You are delighted to know that your research is over here.

We have tested more than 500 gaming keyboards under this budget and choose the best for you. Indeed we have Only Selected the top market observed their features with ups and downs in-depth, and made these suggestions for you.

However, examined them based on their features, durability, ease of use, along other qualities that make your gaming experience fantastic. A cheap keyboard is never going to give you the edge of undertaking your opponent in the game. But a suitable keyboard packed with features helps to kick out your opponent smartly. Most gamers spend hours battling; thus, gaming keyboards need to be ideal for more extended use.

Let's have a look at our list of top gaming keyboard under your budget:

  • Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard Check out

  • Redragon K552 Check out

  • HyperX Alloy core RGB

  • Razer Cynosa Lite Gaming

  • Redragon K582 SURARA

  • Redragon S101

  • Bluefinger CM200

  • HAVIT Rainbow Keyboard

  • Cooler Master Devastator 3

  • Eagletec KG010

1. Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard:

The overall best gaming keyboard under this price is Corsair K55. Corsair did a great job equipping with an extra feature. Its rubber dome switches and fantastic build quality make it as sturdy as premium.

The main reason for placing this on the top of the list is excellent membrane switching for custom macros and multimedia. You can personalize the volume without interrupting your game. Other than that, it offers adjustable height with responsive keys for ghosting capabilities. Corsair becomes successful in creating such a comfortable, sleek, and programable gaming keyboard for under 50$.

You can boost up your gaming functionality with tactile and responsive keys. It's RBG backlighting with ten more preconfigured modes for different lighting effect make this more impressive. Corsair is a dominating brand in the gaming market, and in this, under the budget keyboard, they also offer a datable wrist. This mechanical keyboard for gaming worth this position according to reviews.


  • Elegant build quality

  • Media control and micro keys

  • Keyboard with a wrist rest

  • Amazing RBG backlighting


  • No mechanical switching

2. Redragon K552

The Redragon K552 is a quality product at this price with a bolt of elegant lighting. Your figures do not get tired of typing over it. Moreover, let me say it’s not too heavy either, easy to use, and kays' crisp sound makes good sense.

The main reason for including this in our list is, switches and keys all are mechanical and made of durable material with no resistance in keys aid in typing fast. Adjustable brightness level, faster actuation, and conflict-free 87 keys make it perfect for serious gamers.


  • The elegant and durable key for almost 50 million keystrokes

  • Compact design with red backlighting

  • Splash-proof ergonomic features


  • Not have a separate number pad.

  • Not for heavy games

3. HyperX Alloy core RGB

HyperX Alloy Core RGB from “Kingston’s gaming brand” is a fantastic budget gaming keyboard. The sturdy design with RGB lighting and keycaps with extra keys provides a premium look. They both feel like they’re made out of quality plastic, they don’t wobble, and could easily be found on much more expensive keyboards.

When we talk about its key switches, it is membrane switching but isn't that bad under this price. These switches are not as good to be a mechanical switches but allow a fast typing experience. It is not like mechanical switching, so that we won’t recommend this keyboard for competitive gaming. This keyboard doesn’t have RGB lighting as per key, but its shiny background looks pretty cool and suitable for this price.

Portable design and crafted with a durable plastic make it lighter than mechanical keyboards and make your gaming easy and enjoyable.


  • Spill resistance keyboard

  • Keys with anti-ghosting functionality

  • Membrane switches feel solid


  • Not for compatible games

  • Not have per-key RGB lighting

4. Razer Cynosa Lite Gaming Keyboard

Razer” known for its premium products for gamers, and Cynosa lite is their attempt at creating a gaming keyboard under a meager budget. We can say that it’s a successful attempt as this keyboard is made up of plastic but gives a premium look with sharp edges, not very aggressive but elegant and hard.

Then come to the switches that are rubber dome switches and work pretty well. Switches are offering hard typing with good reviews but not as excellent and tactile as machinal switches.

Thanks to Razer's Synapse app, their RGB lights support a plethora of effects. The RBG lighting per key but comes from one lighting zone. You cannot enjoy different lighting covers per keycap. It is not a massive downside under this price.

The most disappointing fact about this gaming keyboard has no media control key and any other additional key. We don’t like it, but we can recommend this keyboard for those who don't mind using a keyboard with media switches.


  • Durable build quality

  • Membrane switches feel solid

  • Spill resistance design


  • No additional keys

  • No mechanical switches

5. Redragon K582 SURARA

First,Redragon K582 SURARA is the best one-hand keyboard for under 50$. Sometimes referred to as a keypad and most suitable if you are looking for portability and clutter reduction. It can be an excellent addition to your existing gaming setup.

It offers seven additional keys, including factional and macro keys for all sorts of programming. Its five different backlit modes are based on uncountable colored options with magnetic datable wrist rest. It's slim and ergonomic design make it the best gaming keyboard at this cost bracket.

It provides a tactile and clicky mechanical experience. You will be impressed by the elegant design based on a USB through the port to connect your mouse and charge your phone. I slay with is gaming keyboard because its rubber bottom provides additional stability. Its ergonamic and slim design makes it the best gaming keyboard at this cost bracket.


  • Fully programable macros

  • Spilled resistance design


  • The one-handed keyboard sometimes loss grip.

6. Redragon S101

If you are looking for a single keyboard that covers up all of your gaming needs, then Redragon S101 is for you. It possesses all the necessary things that you need to initiate your gaming career get started.

On a tight budget, you will get adjustable RGB modes ergonomic backlit keyboard with different brightness levels and multimedia keys. We must recommend this keyboard because you will get a lightweight stereo headphone with memory foam cushions.

The main reason for considering this keyboard is a 3200 DPI gaming mouse with six buttons and a silk-like mouse pad for directional drivers with a built-in microphone and 40-millimeter foam cushions. You will get impressed by all these features in one keyboard.


  • Large gaming mouse pad for smooth movement

  • Ultimate comfort for prolonged gaming sessions


  • RGB light is not upgraded well

  • Cheap build material

7. Bluefinger CM200

BlueFinger CM200 is the most striking looking device under this tight budget. Its super stylish cracking design with a tri-colored LED backlight enhances the novelty of a gaming board. Other than that, Its LED breathing light changing feature. You can change the blue, red, and purple lights by tapping PS/PB/SL keys together.

It’s all keycaps that contain LED lights, but its letters never fade. This gaming keyboard consists of Two adjustable rubber pads to avoid slipping during the gaming session. The multikey group on the top of this keyboard helps control background music, emails, or anything without interrupting your game. It is designed for pro gamers on an affordable budget.

This keyboard comes with a mouse that can easily be installed via USB in most operating systems. If you face any quality issue after perching Blue finger, CM200 company offer a six-month exchange or return service. It’s a pretty much good deal at all.

If you are looking for a gaming keyboard with an elegant and classy look, then we think your wait is over Bluefinger CM20 is for you. It will illuminate your gaming experience. We can say that this is a budget-minded gaming bundle.


  • USB wired gaming mouse

  • LED breathing lights in three colors

  • 19 Non-conflict keys help you to click and hold numerous keys simultaneously


  • Mostly mouse stop working, and the warranty time is just six months.

8.Havit Rainbow Keyboard

Havit Rainbow is a combo model and specially designated with a typical gaming attribute. It’s a membrane keyboard with a significant number of backlights. Holes in Havit Rainbow keyboard protect it from any runaway fluid that accidentally spilled during gameplay.

Its 160cm cable is robust and sturdy with 19 anti-ghosting keys that allow a free match controller. High quality supporting foot provide better resistance and make it nonslippery.

This combo model with a mouse spill resistance layout keeps it clean with two rubber stoppers to keep it set up correctly. HAVIT Rainbow mouse with aerodynamic design and DPI switcher situated at the very suitable position make it stand out from a crowd under 50$.

It's an elegant design with alternating lighting that makes your endless satisfying match a perfect one. Available in black and white color is an excellent effort by HAVIT for their customers.


  • Multifunction's and Anti-ghosting keys

  • elegant mouse with adjustable DPI and a flashing indicator

  • Rainbow Backlit gaming mouse and keyboard combo


  • Backlights become dimmer after a year.

  • Keys become too bulky after use

9.Cooler Master Devastator 3

Devastator 3 is ergonomically designed with an ultralow flat profile for good results, and a large mouse wheel makes it easy to use. RGB competent mouse and keyboard with seven different LED backlights make it best for gamers. Its anti-slide rubber pads prevent slippage during heated battles and make you win the game in any case.

You can change the backlight colors by merely pressing FN. This gaming keyboard includes custom membrane switches for more elegance and performance. This elegant, robust keyboard is meant to last you through every heated championship.

Rubber side grips around the gaming mice improve stability and decrease wear and tear. In contrast, the computer keyboard's key limits are laser etched and traction coated for minimal wear and optimum functionality. These peripherals do the job tremendously well to bring you another deal keyboard for under $50.


  • Alternating backlights with seven different colors

  • 4 DPI settings with optical gaming laser

  • Laser-etched with grip coated keycaps


  • Not suitable for compatible games

10.Eagletec KG010

The only chiclet keyboard in the market under 50$.It is worth full to make your computer most responsive other than a membrane keyboard. When it comes to speed, it is the most impressive feature ofEagleTec KG010; we can say that this is the fastest keyboard under a tight budget in 2020.

This mechanical keyboard is without backlights but comes with laser-etched keycaps, offering prominent lettering that does not scratch off. You can enjoy its chroma lighting with fully programmable keys. Its lightning keys off 1.6 million customizable color options.

This intriguing product offers Anti-ghosting up to 104 simultaneously key pressing and a fixed wrist option. Its air crafted aluminum construction with plate-mounted mechanical keys and soft switches stand out in every problematic gaming situation.


  • Best for typing and gaming

  • Non-Slip Ergonomic construction with Spill-Proof Design

  • Lockable window keys with WASD arrow exchange


  • No Wrist rest is available

  • Keys start fading after a year

The things to consider before choosing a gaming keyboard under 50$ in 2020:

Before purchasing the next and the best gaming keyboard for your gaming arsenal, you must keep these things in mind. These things depend widely on the performance of your product's durability. So, we recommend these things you must have to know before throwing yourself into it.

  • Is your gaming keyboard tough enough?

Gaming keyboards mostly beat by us during an intense situation in games. The resilience is of the essence here. Therefore, the cheap gaming keyboard is built to take on quite a beating and still working.

Ensure the right keyboard that is firm and durable, ensures that it will withstand the abuse that comes in regular gaming sessions.

  • Athletics and Elegance:

Another most crucial thing you must keep in mind while purchasing a keyboard under 50$ is the looks. You must choose an impressive keyboard with an elegant design; mostly gamers go for black, but you can choose various colors.

  • Lightning:

You are well aware that gaming is more fun when done in a darkly lighted room. It seems fantastic, right! Thus, you must go for the keyboard that is suitable for such type of environment. You can choose keyboards with features of backlighting as you can customize them according to your need.

  • Speed and Accuracy:

Every gamer demands a fast and precise keyboard for better gaming. Most of the mechanical keyboard offers fast typing speed. So, be careful and ensure that your pick is offering what you are looking for.

Final Verdict:

There is no doubt that mechanical keyboards are better than membrane keyboards regarding their design, typing, gaming, and durability. Even a cheap mechanical keyboard is better if it looks significant to your fingers. Most affordable mechanical gaming keyboards are made in china because real mechanical keyboards are above than 50$. Nonetheless, under budget keyboards are also reliable and offer you excellent performance.

You don't need high quality and expensive keyboard for gaming. Gaming is fun, and you can enjoy it with under-budget average quality keyboards, as we mentioned above. The most complicated thing is picking the most suitable for you from all these keyboards. Take your time and decide which one is best for you.

As for all the highlighted features of these affordable keyboards, it will not take you long to decide yours. Click on the buy button with confidence without compromising your comfort.

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