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Top 10 Gaming headphones under 100$ 2021

Updated: Jan 3

Top 10 Gaming headphones under 100$

It’s not necessary to pay a high price for a good gaming headphone in 2020. Even a 100$ product is packed with features and will exactly match your gaming needs. Everyone is looking for excellent sound quality for prolonged gaming sessions.

While playing a multiplayer match, a great microphone is vital to communicate with friends in online battling. Although a under budget product can be pack with features and we have selected such products from the market flood for you.

No worries, we have tested more than 500 quality products on the market with their ups and downs and choose the best for you.

So here is the list of the top ten gaming headphones under 100$. Let's have a look.

  1. Arctic 5 SteelSeries gaming headphone Check Price.

  2. Razer Black Shark gaming headset under 100$ Check Price.

  3. Corsair HS70 wired gaming headset under 100$ Check Price.

  4. Logitech G533 Gaming headphone under 100$ Check Price.

  5. Hyper X Cloud ii gaming headphones Check Price.

  6. Razer Kraken THX Tournament Edition Check Price.

  7. ASUS ROG DELTA core gaming headphones under 100$ Check Price.

  8. Alienware AW51OH underbudget Gaming Headphones Check Price.

  9. Sennheiser GSP 302 EPOS gaming headset Check Price.

  10. 1SADES under budget gaming headphones Check Price.

1. Arctic 5 SteelSeries gaming headphone Check Price.

SteelSeries Arctis 5 - RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone:X v2.0 Surround - For PC and PlayStation 4 - Black
SteelSeries Arctis 5

If we talk about the best gaming headset under 100$, then Arctic 5 is a great option. Artic 5 SteelSeries provides a crystal clear voice with noise cancellation and comes with discord certification. It incredibly filters out noise and provides a clear voice. Artic headset is suitable for long sessions.

WITH the DTS X v2.0 to surround sound and frequency range of 20-2200Hz, you can hear all of the game's detailed sounds. Similarly, the headset is RGB illumination but not compatible with X Box. Compatible for PC and PlayStation ps4.


  • Neodymium 40mm Audio drivers.

  • 7.1 virtual surrounded sound is available.

  • RGB illuminated.


  • Not compatible for Xbox.

Buying guide:

You can buy Arctic 5 SteelSeries gaming headphones from Amazon.

2.Razer Black Shark gaming headset under 100$ Check Price.

Razer BlackShark V2 X Gaming Headset: 7.1 Surround Sound - 50mm Drivers - Memory Foam Cushion - PC, PS4,PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, Mobile - 3.5mm Audio Jack - Black
Razer BlackShark V2 X Gaming Headset: 7.1

Razer black shark has all the functionalities that a gaming headset should have. If you wear this headset, you cannot hear outside noise as this product comes with passive noise cancellation.

According to your desire, Triforce Titanium 50mm High-End Sound Drivers provide high, mid, and low sounds. Then comes the Oval, cooling gel-infused cushions that prevent overheating and pressure build-up, providing whole day comfort during prolonged gaming sessions.

Detachable Razer Hyperclear Cardioid Mic and audio enhancer DAC connect via a USB connector. THX 7.1 Surround Sound Capable of hearing the smallest sound of the game. Razer black is compatible with ps4, ps5, PC, Xbox, and Xbox series.


  • Detachable mic.

  • Soft surrounding cushions.

  • Large 50mm drivers

  • Compatible for X series.


  • No RGB lights.

Buying guide:

You can buy a Razer Black Shark gaming headset from Amazon.

3. Corsair HS70 wired gaming headset under 100$ Check Price.

Corsair HS70 Bluetooth - Wired Gaming Headset with Bluetooth - Works with PC, Mac, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android - Carbon/Black
Corsair HS70

It's an updated version of Corsair H60 and supports USB; Bluetooth has a jack of 3.5mm. The USB connection provides high fluidity audio. While using a Personal Computer, you can activate window sonic for 360 degrees for more immersive sound.

It comes with two adjustable cups with a memory foam cushion that provide extraordinary comfort while playing. And a detachable mouse with ambient voice cancellation ability provides a clear voice. This product is compatible with Xbox, Xbox series, Ps5,ps4, and PC.


  • The clear, high, and deep base provides an excellent gaming experience.

  • Detachable microphones and discord certified microphones.

  • Long term battery life for Bluetooth connection.


  • Three hundred sixty degrees sound is compatible only with pc.

  • No RGB.

Buying guide:

You can buy Corsair HS70 wired gaming headset from Amazon.

4. Logitech G533 Gaming headphone under 100$ Check Price.

If you are looking for a wireless headphone, then go with Logitech G533. Furthermore, it provides high fidelity sounds. The 7.1 surrounded sound accurately with soft cushions comfortable for more prolonged use.

Logitech also has a companion software that customizes performance. And it's foldable thin, and flat mic separates your voice from the surrounding noise. But its design is uncomfortable for traveling and not too versatile for sports.


  • Customize sound through companion software.

  • Noise handling brilliant mic.

  • Wireless headphone.


  • Heavy and bulky design.

Buying guide:

You can buy Logitech G533 Gaming headphones from Amazon.

5. Hyper X Cloud ii gaming headphones Check Price.

It's a fantastic gaming headset under $100, having a wired connection. We've tested the HyperX Cloud II as it offers full compatibility with all devices having an AUX port. And are a great option if you don't feel like dealing with Battery recharge timing with no hassle audio latency.

This device comes with a USB port that offers channel mixing and Dolby 7.1 surround sound, but only on PCs. It's quite bulky but comfortable enough to wear for a prolonged period. With its detachable boom microphone, you can enjoy the precise and accurate sound.

Like an EQ or even audio presets, HyperX cloud 11 has customization options available. But we feel them a little problematic as the design is a bit bulky and not convenient to use for serious gaming sessions. With all of the features mentioned earlier, they can provide a latency-free listening experience.


  • Low latency and wired design.

  • Ideal for watching movies.

  • Well-built and sturdy.


  • Lack of noise cancellation option.

  • Not convenient for traveling.

Buying guide:

You can buy Hyper X Cloud ii gaming headphones from Amazon.

6. Razer Kraken THX Tournament Edition Check Price.

Kraken THX is an excellent gaming headphone under 100$ budget as it uses 7.1 THX surround sound enough to provide you immersion and a fantastic audio experience beyond 7.1 surround sound.

Then come to its custom-tuned 50mm drivers, it takes your average gaming experience to the next level you can’t imagine. This headset equipping a cooling gel-infused cushion repels overheating and ideal for long gaming sessions.

The retractable noise-canceling microphone can eliminate the sound of breathing and produce a crystal-clear voice. Razer Kraken's inline remote control enables you to control Bass, microphone audio, increase and decrease the volume and Activate or deactivate spatial audio. This headset is compatible with Mobiles, PC, X box series, X box, PS4, and PS5.


  • USB input port.

  • Detachable microphone with noise cancelation.

  • Broad compatibility and 50 mm neodymium audio drivers.

  • Adjustable and comfortable ear cups, discord certified with 1.5m cable.


  • Not ideal for big heads.

  • Quality of sound is average.

Buying Guide:

You can buy Razer Kraken THX Tournament Edition from Amazon.

7.ASUS ROG DELTA core gaming headphones under 100$ Check Price.

ASUS ROG is stylish under budget headphone specially designed for pro gamers. Its audio signal diversion technology eliminates distracting noises and lets you focus on the game. ASUS engineers smartly designed areas around drivers and placed exclusive airtight chambers for noise isolation providing distortion-free audio.

Then comes its D shaped ear cushions comfortably fits on every one head. And its detachable unidirectional microphone delivers a better voice for communication. When we talk about is compatibility, ideal for PlayStation, PC, and X box.


  • Intuitive Audio control technology.

  • 3.5 mm Jack input.

  • Wide compatibility.


  • Not suitable for music lovers as no Base in sound.

  • No RGB lights.

Buying Guide:

You can buy ASUS ROG DELTA core gaming headphones from Amazon.

8.Alienware AW51OH underbudget Gaming Headphones Check Price.

AW510H futuristic design looks unique and the best choice under 100$. The high-resolution audio experience Alienware equipping 50mm, 20 to 40Hz drivers. Alienware ear pads are premium designed by sports fabric and leatherette.

Similarly, this Hybrid of plush memory foams on earpads repel ambient noise and provide an optimal cooling effect. These headsets are discord certified, and this feature indicating the quality of microphone Alienware has.AW510H uses Analogue and digital output does you can use it on multiplatform. Compatible for PC, PS4, Xbox so you can enjoy the incredible gaming experience with quality sound.


  • Wide compatibility.

  • Detachable USB port with noise cancellation mic.


  • Not compatible with PS5.

  • No RGB and lightning.

Buying guide:

You can buy Alienware AW51OH under budget Gaming Headphones from Amazon.

9. Sennheiser GSP 302 EPOS gaming headset Check Price.

If you are looking for a headset having customizable LED backlights under 100$, then consider this one. It's comfortable for more extended gaming sessions but a bit tight for big heads. But its RGB lightning with 7.1 surrounds sound a valuable thing to consider.

Furthermore, these headphones come with USB connections and unidirectional headphones with noise cancellation ability. Similarly, this optimal headset's highest frequency is 100-1000Hz, light in weight of 12.2 ounces only.


  • Light in weight.

  • Does not break down quickly, having durable padding.

  • Comfortable for long gaming sessions.


  • No Base with sound.

  • Non-durable hinges or joints.

Buying guide:

You can buy Sennheiser GSP 302 EPOS gaming headset from Amazon.

10.SADES under budget gaming headphones Check Price.

They are designed for those who love to play video games. You can choose them your favorite from various colors and material such as leather, rubber, mesh, and other fabrics. SADES provides high fidelity sound with lots of sounds controlling options.

The dedicated mic of the SADES headset smartly eliminates unwanted noise and provides a crystal-clear voice.


  • High-quality sound.

  • Detachable mic.

  • LED lights.


  • Not suitable for big heads.

Buying guide:

You can buy SADES headphones from Amazon.

Things to consider while buying a headset under 100$

Many people got impressed by gaming headphones' appearance, but everyone should consider the following factors while buying a gaming headset for under 10$ in 2020. Let's discuss a few of them.

  • Sound Profile:

You should choose the one having a quality sound profile with Bass. But it would be best if you used specific software on PC to enhance or boost sound quality to get your desired results.

  • Microphone quality:

Your selected headsets microphone should offer convenience and balance between audio performance and microphone quality. So, consider the one having such qualities.

  • Frequency Response factors:

Most companies mention the frequency response rate on the packing of headphones, so always check it first.Essentially, the frequency response is the sound a headset can produce without any distortion.


All of the headsets, as mentioned above, is selected by us according to their Price, feedback from the visitors, and availability in the stock of 2020. Also, we provide you a buying guide section to sort all the quarriers regarding buying a headset under 100$.

Furthermore, there is no perfect one, but it’s up to your demands and personal taste, so choose your suitable headset to get the desired results. Hence, we hope you are now able to find out your desired product after reading the article.

All the performance results of these headphones under 100$ are flawless, then why are you waiting for, choose yours and click on the buy button with confidence.

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