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Nintendo Switch in 2020- Still Worth it?

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The Nintendo switches already almost three years old, and has gained an impressive game library as well as sold really really really well. This which has managed to bring console level games to the portable world. The likes of which we've never seen before, this is a really cool console!

Is it still worth buying in 2020 ?

Now some might already be calling out that Nintendo Switch is obviously worth buying and i would agree, it really this is an amazing machine! However i do think it's worth talking about especially because there is some competition on the marked now, also from Nintendo being the Nintendo Switched Light! The "Switch Light" is the Switch but colorful, and also it can't connect to your TV. this is not the switch for the majority of people, as a lot of the appeal for the switch is that it can well... switch. The "Switch Light" is probably best for someone younger or someone who only wants to play games like "Breadth Of The Wilds" on the go. when in doubt i'd buy the regular switch because at least then you have the choice of using your TV if you want to.

The regular switch is a hundred bucks more than the switch light coming in at at four hundred dollars, which honestly is a pretty fair price for what you get. and so for most people i would recommend the regular switch if anything via "Nintendo Switch" is more worth buying now than is ever has been thanks to the huge backlog of games and i'll get to those ,but i want to quickly mention if you want to buy a Switch make sure you get one in red box. these models have upgraded batteries and slightly upgraded screens so they really are worth buying over the older white box, and if you see those still in socket stores which you probably won't try to look for a red one, instead just want to throw that out there if you're maybe considering a Switch over a PS4 or Xbox one.

buy the Switch both PlayStation and Xbox are gonna be releasing new consoles at the end of the year, whereas Nintendo won't! There might be a pro release of the Nintendo Switch at some point, but it likely won't be a huge upgrade and even if it is it'll probably cost more than this Switch anyways so really this Switch is worth buying and it's worth buying right now! This is a console that even if you have a PlayStation or Xbox you should still kind of buy it, brings completely different games, namely being Nintendo ones and that's something that just doesn't exist on other platforms. Not only does it have great single-player games, it also has multiplayer games something that PlayStation and Xbox isn't really good with at least local multiplayer.

Like "Super Smash Brothers" you can have up to eight players which is absolutely insane, and can only be found on switch.

Look if you haven't been convinced already you probably won't be, but the Nintendo switch has been a good pick up since its launch and has only gotten better in the last three years.

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