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Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Review

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

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The Logitech G433

Every gamer deserves an absolute and immersive experience with his gaming, The Logitech G433 is a promising and favorable gaming headset with a versatile and sleek design to make your experience as real as you have ever dreamt of. Now with the detachable mic, The Logitech G433 has proven to be more practical and well-balanced than its other competitors for it also comes with the boom mic to support your gaming experience and connecting calls. With The Logitech G433, every gamer's ear will be in a comfy and cozy position with its soft, premium ear pads.


Every gamer dreams of having light-weighted and decently sized ear cups, The Logitech G433 has got you covered as it only weighs 0.6lbs, which is an almost negligible and weightless experience on your hours of gaming. Not only this, but the padding material allows you to enjoy the soft and smooth aroma on your skin. The placement of the headphones feels more relaxed with the ear cups providing a deep sounding experience. Now you do not have to agonize over fatigue during long hours of gaming sessions.


To add a cherry on the top, a lot of times the headphones get all scratchy and will be damaged with a few drops of water, however, The Logitech G433 comes with a soft covering pouch that protects against usual scratches or any possible water damage. The Logitech G433 got you covered in every way.

The overall unique and enhanced built quality of The Logitech G433 could be summarized as “premium and recommended”. The users find the headband to be right-on and decent with its wide metal frame, capable of withstanding drops without receiving any deformity and damage whatsoever.

Coming over to the ear cups, which are of immense importance in The Logitech G433, as the built of its ear cups is profoundly dense which are primarily covered in the soft fabric that provides a very distinctive outlook. The cable could be attached and detached as per your desire.


The stability of The Logitech G433 without any question is solid and provides a firm fit over the head and ears. The stability could be judged from the fact that the ear cups do not sway with any moment as they are designed to withhold movements to a great deal.

What's In The Box?

Upon opening the box, you will receive the following essentials to make you wonder

  • The G433 headset

  • Travel pouch

  • Detachable microphone

  • Two optional microfiber ear pads

  • USB digital-to-analog converter (USB)

  • 3.5mm audio/microphone splitter

  • 4.9-foot 3.5mm audio cable

  • 6.6-foot 3.5mm audio cable (braided)

Ps5, ps4 and Xbox supported

The Logitech G433 can make an impact full impression even before using it out of the box. The ps5, ps4 and Xbox users certainly enjoy the expanding headband that fits just right on the head while the ear cups rest gently on the ears without offering any fatigue and pinching sensations around the cranium. The durable and stretchable Logitech G433 offers an extensive and long-lasting sound effect to the ps5, ps4 and Xbox users. The Logitech G433 also delivers a much-balanced sound experience and enough gusto to match your gaming scenarios. The enjoyable and intense sounding experience is what makes The Logitech G433 the headset most suitable for ps5, ps4 and Xbox user experience.

7.1 Surround, via USB Stereo via 3.5 mm, PS4 |Stereo via 3.5 mm, Xbox One |Stereo via 3.5 mm, Nintendo Switch |Stereo via 3.5 mm, Apple |Stereo via 3.5 mm, Mobile | Stereo via 3.5 mm


  • Includes a variety of accessories, including two arrangements of ear pads, two audio cables, and a 7.1-channel USB sound card.

  • Simulated surround sound on PC

  • Genuinely adjusted sound.


  • Normal bass reaction and high pitch.

  • Can feel awkward after long listening meetings.

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