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JBL Boombox Review

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

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The impact of the boombox on music is undeniable. These versatile sound frameworks offered ascend to sub-societies (think break dancing and hip bounce) during the '80s and '90s. Quick forward to now, and JBL has taken its inclination for sprinkle evidence and versatile Bluetooth sound into a past period with its grandiloquent Boombox.

In the wake of raising the volume on this for quite a long time, we've left away dazzled with how noisy it can go, and how clear it plays while doing it. What's more, its pompous exterior looks great and takes somewhat of a beating, as well.

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While there are no additional highlights, similar to an inherent voice colleague, and it's generally costly at $449 (£399, AU$549), JBL's Boombox expertly mixes the style of a past time with a sound quality that advanced sound devotees will appreciate.


The Boombox follows JBL's fundamental plan standards in utilizing texture and plastic to design a water-safe speaker that resembles an extra-enormous variant of everything else the organization has dispatched. It's a substantial 11.6-pound chamber held together by a durable handle, so we weren't laying this on our shoulders.

The weight bodes well while thinking about the size of the unit itself. Estimating 10 x 19.5 x 7.7 in stature, width and profundity, it's something contrary to humble.

Two inactive radiators flank the unit, giving it a little visual energy in a generally monochromatic tone. The chamber itself houses the double 20mm tweeters, controlled by two 4-inch woofers, all evenly spread out under the grille.

Keeping it straightforward, there are not many catches on the front: power, Bluetooth, volume up/down and play/delay. The last two are connected to the cell phone's controls, so there is no different volume control when matched with the Boombox. Lacking track skipping catches, we needed to twofold tap play/delay to push ahead a track. The Connect+ button is for blending with other JBL speakers in surround sound.

On the back, JBL incorporated the force connector, 3.5mm Aux-In, two USB ports (for charging telephone batteries) and a microUSB port for firmware overhauls. In all honesty, JBL does exclude any sound links viable with these ports out of the container. None. There's a force connector, obviously, yet that is it.

There is an underlying mic for voice calls, and the body itself is IPX7-appraised, which means it remain lowered in clear water for as long as 30 minutes. Since you're not prone to do that, you can feel sure that downpour or water sprinkles by the pool won't tame this thing.

The JBL Connect application for iOS and Android speeds up the arrangement, yet isn't generally important to running the Boombox. You can utilize it to switch among Indoor and Outdoor modes (there's a catch on the speaker for that, as well) or Party and Stereo, which is just material in the event that you've matched the Boombox with other JBL speakers.

One issue we discovered was that there were no equalizer (EQ) or custom sound profiles to customize the sound a little — something we would've jumped at the chance to see at this value point and something you can discover on likewise estimated speakers.


We referenced the Indoor and Outdoor modes, and the main genuine contrast between them is the additional bass it siphons out when outside. Indeed, even without it, the Boombox is now uproarious, and bass sweethearts will in a real sense feel the beat.

The magnificence of it is the absence of bending at higher volumes. Slanting the sound range enough to get more bass out of the Boombox, JBL admirably offset the mids and highs for a general sound that was really more clear than we anticipated.

Sade's Bullet Proof Soul is a bass-weighty ditty, however it shook each time we played it, occupying the stay with both the hot beat and creepy sax. We discovered a lot of progress with tracks from fluctuating specialists, and right now felt it resounded boisterously at 60% volume. Past that, it shook anything close to it.

For a speaker playing in mono with no actual sound system division, the Boombox figured out how to seem like it nearly did. There was barely enough to cause vocals and instruments to feel unmistakable. Brain you, this isn't an audiophile item and by and large precision is slanted by the substantial bass, yet the soundstage was more than pleasant to us. Not at all like different speakers that try too hard to the detriment of specific classes, this one felt pretty skeptic to the music we played.

We even utilized it with a TV by means of the Aux-In association and were enjoyably shocked. For activity motion pictures and computer games with a lot of gunfights and blasts, the Boombox packs the punch of each scene.

JBL appraised the Boombox at 24 hours of playback for every charge, and we discovered that to be genuinely precise at volume mostly over a blend of Bluetooth or wired associations. The higher the volume, the less it endured.

There was only one vexing issue. At whatever point the Boombox's battery was low (we saw it under 20%), a weird, low humming sound was discernible consistently. It got irritating quick, and we don't have the foggiest idea why it even existed in any case. We expect a firmware update could fix it, however starting at now, nothing has murdered that buzz.

At a speaker at this cost point, an issue like that ought to never occur. Fortunately, it never came up when the battery level was higher or, in all likelihood the Boombox would be unusable anyplace.

Last Word

The Boombox should be a speaker people assemble around. It can engage one, yet is best used while entertaining many. What's more, when it boils down to dropping over $400 on a speaker like this, it best be accomplished for the correct reasons.

We can't suggest the Boombox as a speaker for the home. You can discover similar sound in structure factors that take up less land, however on the off chance that you will probably hit whatever yard, pool, sea shore or rear end party you can discover, at that point this one should be in the racing to play the tunes.

Get your's from Amazon here: On sale 25% Off

Disclaimer: Any valuing data appeared or referenced in this Post was precise at the hour of Post creation, and may have since changed.

Exposure: We get a little commission when you buy items by means of our Amazon interfaces, this doesn't cost you anything extra, it's a cut that comes out on Amazon's end. However, kindly know the Amazon joins gave are subsidiary connections.

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