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The Slickest HyperX Cloud Alpha Review

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

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These are comfortable headphones with big, well-padded ear cups and an equally well-padded headband. They're more comfortable than the Cloud Flight, but they're a bit tight on the head. Fortunately, the pressure is spread evenly around your ears so they don't clamp your head like some of the other gaming headphones. Unfortunately, this still makes them somewhat fatiguing after long gaming sessions.

Sound Quality:

When you are looking for a Headset, sound is a very important element. HyperX Cloud Alpha's sound is not bad but it could be worth better but they have another choice, HyperX Cloud Alpha S that comes with Surround 7.1 this has much better sound to be worth more of the money when you are looking for proper Surround sound. The bass in the HyperX Cloud Alpha S is also much better than the one that does not have 7.1. So HyperX Cloud Alpha have surround sound but its a Choice you have to make.

Build Quality:

Let's talk about The quality of the headset, HyperX Cloud Alpha feels like it is very solidly put together, to that it can withstand one or more crashes in the ground, as it has a stable aluminum frame. after they have inserted a replaceable AUX cable for the headset, this headset will withstand a lot of knocking before it takes the evening, so if you are one of those who are good at losing headsets on the ground, then this is a headset that will withstand a lot of the hard treatment.

Where to buy Hyperx cloud alpha ?

You may have heard of HyperX Cloud Alpha, wondering where you can get one yourself. That is what is so nice about the time we are in now, you can get almost everything online after a few key clicks. Amazon is a nice place to check, has fast delivery almost all over the US and you can find the cheapest HyperX Cloud Alpha on Amazon, check them out for yourself.

Will Hyperx Cloud Alpha S work on ps5

You are mayby looking after a headset to use on you brand new Playstation 5 and want to know if you can use HyperX Cloud Alpha on it, and yes you can with a 3.5 Aux or with the USB. you have potions, 3.5mm Aux on the controller or the USB on the Playstation 5.

How to connect Hyperx cloud alpha to pc

The procedure for getting HyperX Cloud Alpha connected to the PC is actually quite straight forward, it comes with two AUX cables that you connect to your PC to headset. and then you connect them together. it's that simple!. is a little different if you have "HyperX Cloud Alpha S" then you have a USB instead that you need to connect to your computer.

How to fix HyperX Cloud Alpha mic.

If you have any problems with the microphone, we have 3 smart solutions that can help you.

1. Have you plugged the microphone aux into the microphone jack?

2. Have you pushed the Aux cables in properly?

3. Check in settings on "devices" to check if it appears.

Check out this video if you wanna see how HyperX Cloud Alpha looks like.

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