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How to earn passive income from crypto

Updated: May 12, 2021

How to make passive income, crypto, bitcoin,

The reason that you are here, is because you are looking for a opportunity, in the crypto marked. you have maybe heard that bitcoin (BTC) and Etheretum, has been rising ATH (all time high). and thats true!

Now it´s time to take action! start investing or mine crypto, i will show you some mining software, that i use daily to mine and make Passive Income at a daily basis, if you don´t have the opportunity, to mine all the cryptos. don´t you worry, i have some nice platforms that you can trade you up in the crypto valuta with less then 0 money invested!


cudo miner, is a wonder full software to mine crypto, it will bench test you computer to see whats the best setting for you to mine in. but if you have an old computer the mining will go slow, i tested MSI 980ti GAMING Graphic card, to just see how old Graphic cards work with this program. With this card i did get up to 30$ month in mining Etheretum, i know thats not allot off money, but remember the price will keep climbing. its a good way to farm so much crypto you can before its over saturated.

How Mining Works:

I will tell you the simple way how mining works. Crypto mining works the way that you computer have to crack a code, and when you crack one code that is one part of the Crypto that you are mining, and next one will be harder to crack.

MIRAIEX trading platform. (EU)

here you get 5 dollars for free in BTC (Bitcoin) thats a good start, this is one way to get free money! easy to use, i´m using this my self, and works just the way i like it.

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