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Best Motherboard for mining 2021

You are in this post because you are looking for a good motherboard to use in mining, and i will give you a lead in what you should choose. I remember when i started with mining, it was hard to find the information i needed to get gear and what item was compatible with each other. I have build allot of custom PC for me or my friends for fun, but this was next level stuff haha.

First thing you need to find out is how many GPU you are going to run, is it 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 19, and so fore, just remember that bigger you go more reliability issue you will have and price will go up. i will list some different motherboard below that i have used or that i recommend you to check out!

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Second thing you need to figure out are if you going AMD or Nvidia cards. Yes it will works with both at the same time but it will safe you allot of hassle to stick to one kind of a card.

I use Whattomine to look after what card that most profitably and witch coin i should mine.

Right now when i'm writing this graphics card is really hard to get hands on.. and not to forget really expensive. my self when i stared i started to get 1060 6gb around $250 and slow and steady used the snowball effect to move up to better cards.

third thing

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