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Air pods Max review

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

AirPods Max Silver Case headphones Bluetooth

Buy Apple Air Pods Max headphones on Amazon:

This is the first headphones that apple has launched "AirPod Max" which you may see as these are headphones not earbuds. The listening time I would say is around sixteen to twenty hours its up too the volume you use. noise canceling works very well, and transparently to apple is absolutely fantastic!

Transparently: Transparently is that the headset sort out sounds so that you can hear some sounds through the headphones, for example if I talk to you, etc.


AirPods Max is firmly attached to the head, (average large head) and the weight is not something that bothers me, but I still prefer to use those seats while I'm on the go. when I'm on the go I use my AirPods 2.

that is, you can wear these for longer periods, if that is what you are going to wear them for.

AirPods Max Silver Case headphones Bluetooth

Sound Quality:

When you have to pay $ 550 to get something like this, you expect the sound quality to be good. Oh there, apple has met once well. Apple shows very well, what luxury sound is.

Watching movies with the AirPod Max is absolutely fantastic you get full surround, crispy sounds to take the whole hearing part to a whole new level.

Build Quality:

The build quality is Amazing, the metal shape look and everything. its not really heavy ether, it will hold up for a long time! this is more of the luxury side off build quality, its spouse to look clean and easy!

AirPods vs AirPods Max:

What Should you choose between AirPods and AirPods Max! its really up to you, what you like! Are you more like a headphone guy or if you are more like earphone guy, the sound in both is really good!. the price on both is a big jump! Airpods right now at $200 and Airpods Max is at $500 so its a lot to save.

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